How important is texture in a photo? Well It can give your photos more of a 3D look, and change the way the subject is perceived. I don't mean the texture of the paper you print your photos on, but texture captured in the image. Whether the texture is brought out in the photo, or 'hidden', can change the message of the photo. Texture depends entirely on the way that the light is hitting the textured surface. Photos are 2D, the texture is implied by the highlights and shadows on the surface. For most subjects side lighting works well to bring out texture. If using natural light, this would mean shooting shortly after sunrise or before sunset. If you are using artificial lighting, it just means placing your lighting off to one side from the subject. Interesting textures can create a good photograph in their own right. Large areas of texture do not occur very often naturally but when it does it's worth to capture, don't you agree?