Ok this is quite different of what I use to do but... I'm having a fashion photography class and we had to photograph a model in order to appear on a magazine cover. We also had to chose a theme and the magazine we wanted to be shown in as well as get a model, a hairstylist, a make-up stylist and a stylist to pick up some cloths. Me and my group choose the Vulture's magazine and these are the photos I took. I must say that the model helped a lot so my job was facilitate and the final result I choose is the second picture and I want to show some distance and some apathy by the fashion industry of these days. We are so full of information and everyone is trying to sell us something or make us believe that something is better than something else... I hope my photo represent a little of that feeling. About the shoot I should say that besides it isn't my favorite kind of photography (play with artificial light and all that stuff) I think I enjoyed. It was a different experience of what I'm used to but not a bad one. I liked being in control and say exactly what I wanted the model do... I don't know if I'm making sense but that's it... I will have another shoot soon, lets see what happens... You can see the final result behind.