So... Here we are saying goodbye to 2017 and welcoming 2018. I always feel new year's eve brings a period of reflection about what goals were achieved and what things we want to improve the next year so, once I have a space to do it I'm going to share with you my feelings about this year and what I expect to the next. In terms of photography as you can see, reading this post, I achieved one of my wishes - to build a website where I could share my portfolio and talk about some projects. I still know that there are some improvements to be done and I hope to bring new content and experiences next year. Besides I also accomplished a dream - to visit Iceland which I had never thought it would come true, but it did. So if I allow myself dreaming that high I know I can conquer the world and do whatever I propose myself to. So for this year I won't ask for any specific trip but to keep dreaming and doing stuff. I really want to focus exclusively on photography and make living of that. And for me that would be a giant step! I would like to leave a note about all the people I had the opportunity to meet. I feel that I met really great people with interests in common and full of other dreams waiting to become true. For all that and all the old ones I wish I keep in touch and share adventures and dreams. And of course for those who read my posts and follow me on facebook, a huge thank you! Let's make this new year, a year to never forget. Happy 2018 everyone!