National Geographic Exodus Aveiro Fest

I just want to share a few words about this last incredible weekend. I don't want to try to explain what Exodus is because it is more than words can describe. I'm really happy and excited and it is difficult to organize all the thoughts but I'll try. So, Exodus is a festival that aims to celebrate adventure, photography, traveling, videography and experiences and it happened last couple days in Aveiro, my city home! I'm so proud of being there and experience the dreams and amazing people that make our planet a better place. And it all happened because one particular person had a dream... and what a dream! I must say that I've already knew Bernardo Conde, the person behind all the event, and he was my first contact in photography universe. I did a workshop with him when I bought my first camera and the call was immediatly. For that I'm really thankful but then I met "Trilhos da Terra", his studio, also in Aveiro, and ever I can I'm there for the talks that happen once a month. And now this.... Probably the bigger photography event in Portugal! With amazing people who share their experiences and dreams and inspire us to be more and to live more. This year we could see names like Pete McBride, Ami Vitale, Elia Locardi, Shams, Jody McDonald, Oliver Astrologo, Konsta Punkka, Michael Clark, Akash and Mario Cruz but not only. There were also NomadTalks where portuguese travel leaders also gave some tips. I already knew that I would love but not that much, I left the festival knowing with all the sureness that we can indeed change the world! And what made me happy the most was knowing that next year it will happen again so this was the first of what I hope to be an anual event. And it isn't only for photographers, it is for dreamers and life lovers! See you there next year?