3 Days in Dolomiti, November 2017

Last weekend of November I went to Dolomiti, North Italy. It was a travel that was taken months before to enjoy a Ryanair promotion. Me and my partner are hearing about Dolomiti by almost a year ago and we had decided that if we could get a cheap flight we didn't think twice and so it was. The flight was 50€ (go and back) and we landed in Milano Bergamo on a thursday night. We slept there near Lake Iseo and the next day we went to Santa Maddalena, our first photographic spot (photo 1 and 4). We didn't had reservation in any other hotel because we wanted to go and book in the way. It didn't result for us at the first night because we had to drive back to Bolzano in order to get a hotel (approximately 120 km). Saturday we knew that the prediction was snow so we had to be careful because lots of the roads could be closed however we took a chance and went to Lago di Braies, our second special spot, and although it was frozen, it didn't disappointed (photo 2, 3 and 6). The second photo shows the essence of what the lake is. There's a wood cabin and mountains all around. The lake was frozen like I said but besides that we were able to see it green color. If it is that beautiful on winter, we can't imagine how it is on spring and summer! Near the lake we can see the chapel of third photo that has the name of the lake (Braies). We spent most of day in that area, we lunch there and after driving around, we went to sleep at Gudon. Like I said, it snow that day and for me it was a special moment to feel the snow on my face while watching to such a beautiful landscape. And yes, I had never had walked on ice so I fell as soon as I get there. I think this was a productive day besides all, I must say that winter days are really small there - the sunset was at around 4:30 p.m. and the sunrise was around 7:30 a.m. so we only had 9 hours of light so... On Sunday we decided to come back to Santa Maddalena to see how it is with sun and also to see San Giovanni church (photo 4) because we didn't had seen couple of days before. We also want to go to alp di Siusi but when we got there it was so white and with lots of snow that we weren't able to stop the car but we get a perspective of how it could be on a normal spring day. (And yes, we pretend to come back!) On the way to our last night we stopped at Lago di Carezza (photo 7) and it was also frozen but once again, we get an idea of how it could be. And we didn't dislike what we've seen because the shape of the mountains against the sky and the trees above was a spectacle itself. And that was our Dolomiti trip... Last night we slept in Verona to be near the airport so the last day was spent there. We visit the famous "Casa di Giulietta" as well as Piazza delle Erbe, where we saw Dante statue, fontana di Madonna and a Christmas marketplace with local products. And that's it... That was our four days in Dolomiti.... I think that it is a quite positive balance, it is definitely a place to come back and I really recommend it! And if you want to spend an entire week there you can also visit Milan, Veneza and Verona because it is positioned really closed.