About the shop...

Let me just use this space on the blog to say a few words... As you already have noticed, these last couple of months, I started to sell some postcards here on the website. For now the shop itself isn't accepting payments so if you would like to buy any item you have to do it by private message here or by facebook. But the question is why do I create these products? Well to start it is a creative process, I mean, to transform my photos into a product or something that people can adquire. On other hand I really want to achieve more people into my work and that was my idea to do that. So this is my first step... And these are things that anyone can send to anyone. It's a happy birthday card and a christmas card. The other one is a picture of Aveiro river which I intend to sell as a touristic card. If you have any comment or suggestion please feel free to say it. I would love to hear from you! Thank you all.

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