"Lisbon today" - A note about Street Photography

Hello! Today I come here to present a different type of photography called Street Photography. I'm not an instant photo kind of photographer but last month I had to study a little of photojournalism and my teacher asked us to do a Street Photography serie but it turned out that on that weekend I had to go to Lisbon. So, of course I took the opportunity to make my project on the big city. I lived in Lisbon for almost five years and a lot of things had changed since then. To start did you heard about the houses prices?? Let me just say that it increased a lot!!! But let's not talk about that! The major difference I have noticed was the amount of tourists. I mean, it was October and the weather was like summer but still.... So so many people from Brasil to France, Germany, Chine, and it goes on and on... But let's talk about the project! The thing was I wanted to photograph a city that I called home for a couple of years but it turns out that it isn't my city anymore. And that was the basis to my work. To look for the original and native people who still lived there. I must say that It took me two days to take a photo I liked because every time I tried to shoot anyone, people turned their faces or just went somewhere else so I focused on trying to capture the essence of what people was doing and not on portraits for instance. The result was a twenty photo series however these were my favorites and it worth what it worth. I hope to be able to continue it someday. For now you can see them on "Projects" here on the blog! Hope you enjoy it!