So... I had a photojournalism class where we had to visit the Afurada village in Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal, and we had to develop a theme that showed our perception of it. For those who don't know Afurada is a fishery place and that is quite evident when you get there. However I tried not to interpret it that way but to observe how the everyday was and the first thing I noticed was the contrast between the old and the new; I mean there's a part of the village very touristic with coffee shops, a marine, new buildings, etc and a very rustic zone right next to it with public tanks where people go to wash their cloths (third photos). However the thing that I noticed the most was the difference between people, I mean, the activities I mentioned was practiced by old and new ones. And that was my starting point to this work - to show the same activities practiced by different ages. Time pass and the village adjust it to it. This project is composed by diptychs as you can see and I hope to continue it any time soon.