Iceland 2017, Day 13

Last day of travel... Having already packed our things, ready to leave for Portugal, we decided to spend the last day we had on Reykjanes Peninsula in order to be near the airport. We went to the Bridge between Europe and North America. According to the continental drift theory the Eurasian and North American tectonic plates are continuously drifting apart with great forces under the gaping rifts. The plates diverge, linear fractures, known as the fissures form due to stresses created by the tension that builds up the plates move away from each other. The Bridge between two continents at Sandvík is a small footbridge over a major fissure which provides clear evidence of the presence of a diverging plate margin. The bridge was built as a symbol for the connection between Europe and North America. We also went through the blue lagoon but tickets was already sold out and I must say it was about 60€ per person! So we didn't go. Then we spent the last hours driving around without destination saying goodbye to a marvelous holidays and a beautiful country. I will let the incidents we had that night for the next post. You guys won't believe the things we lived the next few hours...

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