Iceland 2017, Day 12

Day 12 ... Two things we still needed to see in Iceland: the famous geysir (photo 2) and the waterfall Bruarfoss (photo 1 and 3). Now we know that we had so much more to see but at the time we thought that having seen this, the list was complete. What fools! About Geysir there is not much to say, the temperature of water 20 m down Geysir's feeder channel is about 125 ° C. It has risen from a depth of 1-2 km. Geysir discharges 1.5 l / s, while the entire area discharges 14 l / s. During the dreaded earthquakes that regularly ripple across southern Iceland, deep fractures in their way into the country as far as Haukadalur, yet no known damage to property has been caused. Then we went to our second spot, the waterfall. It was quite difficult to find it especially since our GPS sent us to a private property. Finally after seeing other tourists jumping over a barbed wire fence we realized that everyone was going through that property so we decided to do the same. Later we discovered that there is also a path that is done through a bridge much closer to the road but you know how it is ... You are in Iceland, be Icelandic! The waterfall was very beautiful as you can see in the pictures, what strikes me the most in Iceland are the natural colors of things. I had never seen such a clear blue water nowhere else. It's a spot that I recommend! In the evening we returned to Keflavik where our last hotel awaited us. The next day was our last day... However we still went out in the evening looking for auroras because we knew that in that night they would be in force and the result is in the last three photos! :)