Iceland 2017, Day 11

Time to leave the peninsula and head south towards Reykjavik. On the way, there were two hot springs that we had marked and which we wanted to go through. One of them in Reykholt named Snorralaug that we actually met (photo 2) but it was not possible to swim there, it was not even heated. I think the hotel that they built next to it took possession of it. We then took a tour by the city where we took the opportunity to photograph the local church (photos 3 and 4). The other hot spring that was in Hvammsvík is now private property and therefore as it was in a place of restricted passage we did not even see it. So, a huge amount of kilometers made to go nowhere... so we went to Reykjavik. We had lunch there, a traditional fish soup (photo 5) and did the rest of the shopping we wanted to bring. Also in Reykjavik we found a photography shop (photos 6 and 7) where we were delighted with the amount of things that fit in what appeared to be 4 square meters. The trip was coming to an end and we had only two nights left to return to Portugal so we went to one of the last hotels to rest a little and organize things for the following days. This was not a very productive day but we were in Iceland, we had already seen a lot and we already had a sense of what life was like there so we could only wait to go back there some time later.