Iceland 2017, Day 10

What a day!! This is probably one of the days that will forever remain in our memory for both good and bad reasons. But let me start by the beginning ... So it all started in our cabin. We went to breakfast and in conversation with the owners we discovered that these huts had actually been handmade by them; about 20 small wooden houses that were now meant to welcome tourists were made one by one for that couple! Isn't it amazing? We felt out of this world! Then we started our day out in direction of Snaefelljoekull National Park. The first spot we had to see was the Búdir church that was not so easy to find out but after arriving there, it was worth it (image 3 and 4). After two hours there (there were lots of tourists wanting to take pictures) we were then inside the park. We went through a volcano but we did not stop because we thought that afterwards we had time to return but that didn't happen and we continued towards Kirkjufell (photo 1). I want to make a parentage and say that it was a lesson we learned that when you see something interesting where you want to stop, just stop because if you leave and decide to come back later, you will inevitably end up with other priorities and can leave behind very interesting things to see. As soon as we arrived at our destination the adventures began. An hour after we were there, my friend's camera fell to the waterfall. Even today we do not know very well how it happened but the truth is that it fell from a height of approximately 5 meters and having hit two different rocks, at the end when he was there fetch it was intact! As if nothing had happened !! Needless to say, my first thought was that the trip had ended there at that moment. But, miracle or not, it was just a little bit dirty. We then decided to go home to clean it and make sure there was no damage. On the way back, we stopped on the road to photograph the Hellissandur church (photo 5) and then we returned home after so many adventures.