Iceland 2017, Day 9

The day began well in the small town of Hólmavik (photo 7). As we were desirous of going out on the street, we enjoyed to have breakfast outside the hotel. So we took a morning walk through the city still asleep. And what about open coffee shops? It was hard to find! But then we found the back of a small house that, although empty, was open. We were soon welcomed by a super caricature lord who made us feel like it was a meeting of friends. He served us a hot chocolate and a slice of homemade pie and explained us that that building was also a museum and gave us some useful tips of what to see in that area, Photos 7,8 and 9. We left Hólmavik up to Dragsnes because we heard that there was a boat in that area that could took us to a small island where birdwatching could be done, so there was my chance to finally see puffins and be able to photograph them in good conditions. Disillusionment of the disappointments when we arrived there somebody told us that the puffins had already migrated and that it was only possible to see them before 15th August ... we were on 4th September ... We came back so we did not lose any more time and headed towards the area harassed by our coffee friend - Reykjanesfjall. What can I say about that area? It is quite mountainous, there are quite a few isolated villages, sheep running through the fields, there is a mossy area (photo 3) and like all of Iceland, it does not disappoint, it is an area to take into account. In my opinion it was not the most beautiful area but also not an ugly one of ​​course. Going down a little further south, we stopped in a hot spring that we had marked on our map (photo 6) but since it was small and was already crowded we decided to continue our journey. And it was late in the day when we reached the peninsula of Snaefellsnes. This time we went to sleep in some wooden cabins (photo 11) and we had two whole days to travel all over the peninsula. We could not be happier!