Iceland 2017, Day 8

The eight day early yielded. We went to Lake Myvatn starting at Skútustadagigar (photo 6 and 7). The route starts just inside the gate to Kálfastrond farm and leads to Klasar, opposite Hofdi. It is an easy walk through bizarre lava formations and landscape. The Hofdi peninsula is also a great place to walk, starting by parking the trail leads from the gate through the small forest along the lake shore (photos 9 and 10). After the railroad tracks and leaving towards Húsavik, we stopped to watch a cluster of sheep. Hills and heaps of sheep in a short perimeter of space shouted so loudly that it seemed like a competition between them to see who could be heard louder. We were still a long time them until we finally leaving the area. When the afternoon was already midway we reached the famous and long awaited Godafoss waterfall (photo 2). The weather was no longer very famous and the rain was already beginning to appear which, personally, made it impossible for me to take a photo I liked and that you could perceive the greatness of that place. The waterfalls were not at all to be my strongness! In the meantime we went to the Westfjords to stay at our new house. However, we made three stops along the way: one to photograph the Blonduóskirkja church (photo 3), the other to photograph a small house with a nearby cemetery (photo 11) and another in the Westfjords to photograph an isolated church (photo 4). It was a long day full of miles traveled. There are still some spots along the way, for example laugarbakki but time was not enough to see everything. Besides this was the only night we were staying in the Westfjords and we wanted to take advantage of the next day as much as possible to go through all the area we could get, which brings us to the ninth day ...

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