Iceland 2017, Day 3

So, day 3... We left in the morning in order to search the famous hot spring lost in the mountains (photo 2). It was the first time we were in an Icelandic natural pool with hot water and the experience could not have been better! As we got there around lunch time, there were not many people, but around 2:30 p.m., a lot of people started to appear so I guess the best time to be there by yourself is at lunch and at the beginning of the day. This hot spring is completely free and to get there you only have to walk a short 15 minute trail. Besides I had been in others hot springs later and I still recommend this one. Then we continued our journey to Vík, our next spot. We passed a long line full of mosses on both sides of the road but we did not stop to take photos because we wanted to leave things on our hotel before we stop at Vík. So it was, we reached Vík around sunset and we went to the famous black sand beach (photo 4) where I could see the long-awaited Puffin. The problem was that the daylight was already scarce and so the photograph was a little blurred due to the long exposure time, but it was still the only one I got and so I'm proud. At the evening we still photographed a church (photo 3) which we thought was beautiful with the lights on and we prepared for the return to the hotel. However on the way home, already near midnight we began to see glimpses of light in the sky ... Northern lights! Our first contact with them! With so much euphoria we stopped the car and photographed what we got .... which brings us to the beginning of day 4 ...

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