Iceland 2017, Day 5

Day 5 ... Wake up in Hofn, a small fishing town in southeastern Iceland. We decided to take a tour of the city to know the center because it isn't a big city, having just a few more than five restaurants. Anyway we saw the famous boat Akurey (photo 2) and the port in general. Then we headed to the Vestrahorn mountains where we stayed most of the day (photo1). During the period that we were there we caught good and bad weather. To access the surrounding part of the mountains we had to pay around 7/8 € per person but I can honestly say that it's worth it, it's in fact a beautiful place surrounded by sea and black sands. In the afternoon we were walking towards Egilsstaðir where our next guest house (named North Aurora Guesthouse, photo 6) was because it still took us a couple of hours to get there. It is noteworthy that this was the most painful way we did until then because there were long deserted lines without seeing anything else than land or mountain. Knowing that the forecast of auroras was good, the night was spent in the street to photograph these beauties away from the lights of the city (photos 3,4 and 5). This was undoubtedly the best night to photograph auroras throughout the trip and we were already at the beginning of September. At first we only wanted to capture as much of those magical green lights as possible but in the end, when we had already captured and we already knew what an aurora really was, we tried to make composition of image and conjugate with terrestrial elements such as the house that is seen on photo 4. Regarding the guest house we would still stay there two nights and at the time of leaving we knew something that I will reveal in the post of the 6th day but I must say that our hosts were very friendly and welcomed us very warmly. It was the first guest house in which we stayed that was entitled to breakfast, I mean, in the others we had access to the kitchen where we could use the microwave and refrigerator and where we could make tea and eat some cookies if we wanted to but in this one we were presented with pancakes, homemade sweets, coffee, fruit, bread, toast, etc ... But let's leave the details for the next day ;)