Iceland 2017, Day 6

So the day started with the Northern Lights show. However, after the enthusiasm we ended up going home. In the morning, we continue towards Laugarfell. The goal was to find an hot spring that we had marked as a spot on our map and, after driving a few hours, we finally found it! Wow. Two pools around the edges of an hotel literally in the middle of nowhere! We asked for informations at the hotel about the access conditions and it was told us we should pay 10000 Kr each and we had to showering before entering and so we did, and when we entered... OMG! Water at 37 ° C with an outside temperature of approximately 14 ° C. We found paradise! (photo 2 and 3). Let's just say that the rest of the day had nothing else to see and we spent hours and hours at the pool, making it increasingly difficult to leave. In the late afternoon, we ended up eating at the hotel and then went the 200 km back to the guest house. The only stop we did was on the road to photograph the small house that is in picture 1 because we found it photographically interesting. This was not a very productive day at photographic level, but it was very enriching on a personal one. We were able to relax, to think of nothing unless to be there in the present moment, to feel alive and to thank the whole experience we were going through. In the end we made the promise to each other that we would return to that lost pool somewhere in the middle of Iceland. I hope to come to fulfill that promise! :)