Iceland 2017, Day 4

... This day began early with the appearance of northern lights. However, it did not last that long and there was a forecast that they would come back in force that week, so we went to bed and waited for the next day. Our stay was at Hotel Laki so in the morning we were entitled to a buffet breakfast. During the morning my friend and I had long conversations on the patio porch while we caught a little sun and glimpsed a small lake with mountains at the background. When we checked out, we set out for Hofn. The first spot where we stopped was the "Foss a sido" waterfall that was not on our map but we found it funny and turned out to be a good photo spot (photo 7 and 8). Continuing the road, we stopped later in a waterfall that was at ground level as can be seen in photo 9 (I don't know the name). A little later we stopped in front of the famous Lómagnupur (photo 3), which is a 688 high palisade of cliffs that towers over Björninn Mountain, west of the Núpsvötn Lakes in Skeiðarársandur. Its traces were the ice mountains that are seen in photo 2. The day was still half way as we continued towards the ice glaciers (photo 4). We also stopped at Jökulsárlón lagoon (photo 6) which is a glacial lake located south of Vatnajökull next to a black sand beach that faces the Atlantic Ocean. We stayed there until the night fall and then we set off for the guest house we had booked for that night in Hofn. With regard to this day the great regret was not to have gone to the Skaftafell waterfall because in my point of view it is one of the most beautiful waterfalls on Iceland however the fact that we had to pay to go there and still have to walk a little far to get there, made the song took the best of us. But it's one of the places that made me feel sorry not to meet !!