Iceland 2017, Day 2

So... Waking up at Aurora Lodge Hotel.... OMG! We had arrived in the evening at the hotel so we could not see much beyond the room but the day after, when we went to take a walk to see the views ... speechless! (photos3-6) Wooden cottages in the middle of literally nowhere !! Only a few mountains were visible in the distance, and the road where the cars passed was not visible. Leaving around lunch time we headed towards the so famous waterfall Seljalandsfoss (photo7). The day was rainy and could not make the photograph I wanted, in fact, I advise you to search by that name and see that the photograph I took has nothing to do with what the waterfall really was. But as it was so windy, being behind the water only carried with water on top and I was afraid of damaging the camera. Result, no photography at all! We continued along the road and went to a little church (photo 9) where we took some pictures before going to our second spot thought: the waterfall Skógafoss (photo 8). Once again the photograph I took did not match the meekness of what it was like to be there, but I began to feel that Iceland was indeed a tourist country. It was a lot of people walking around and I was starting to get a little disappointed with reality ... However we went to our third spot: Dakota's famous airplane crashed (photo 1 and 2). After we walked what seemed like an eternity and without a glimpse of anything but black sand for miles and miles, we hit the plane there! It was a breathtaking sight when we got close to him. After seeing so many photographs, I was finally side by side with him. Once again, the amount of people that were there did not allow me to do all the photos I wanted however I still had more success than in the previous spots. It was already night when we returned home and after such a big walk we just wanted to go home, take a shower and rest to be ready for the next day.