Iceland 2017, Day 14 & 15

So... September 9th, the day we should left Iceland or so we thought.... The day began early back at the airport with our flight foreseen to 1:00 a.m. But as soon as we tried to do the check in it was told us that our flight didn't exist.... Can you believe it? A flight that we had reserved six months earlier didn't appeared on the airport boards. We talked to every single person at the airport and all they say that it wasn't their problem... So imagine the situation: you are at a foreign country, you had paid for a ticket to a flight that it wasn't happen that day, what do you do? And by the way it happens that it was your birthday but whatever.... yeah... not the best feeling in the world! But then after many attempting we manage a way of Kiwi (the company that had reserved our flights) paying our stay and find a new flight. Unfortunately it was for the next day. So my birthday was passed half at the airport and the other half in Iceland so not that bad! Anyway it was a long day and we had to plan a new day back in Iceland... We called a taxi and we were sleep at a guesthouse. The next morning was passed at Grindavik knowing the city. At midday we were back to the airport to go to Geneve, our new scale. We arrived there at 11:00 p.m. and the flight to Lisbon was at 6:00 a.m. next day. So we slept a few ours at the Geneve airport till our new flight. And on 10th September we finally arrived Portugal! It had a troubled end but it didn't took away the charm of the whole trip. And that's it, I hope you have enjoyed following our trip ... It was the end of many adventures but I hope also the start of many more! Later I will try to make a post with some general considerations about Iceland, if you have suggestions please let me know! You can find me online at facebook or instagram, links at "About" page :)