Iceland 2017, Day 7

Last day at North Aurora Guesthouse! And what did we found out? We found out that our host was an icelandic actor!!! The last movie he played was "Rams", that won a bunch of international prizes! We were so excited! What an honor! And what a nice couple they were. So nice and thoughtful!! Is it too bad if I say that day 7 was also spent in a hot spring?? Oh yeah! This time at Myvatn Nature Baths (photo 5 and 6). But we also photographed the area surrounding the pool that was volcanic and had unusual colors at least comparing with in Portugal. In the same geothermal zone we also saw the basements of Stóragjá whose water reached more than 50ºC and so at this moment it is no longer possible to swim there. On the way back, we took the opportunity to photograph an abandoned house at the foot of the road (photo 1). First major incident of the trip, my camera fell with the wind however it did not get damaged, just dirty. And yes, the incidents did not stop here! But let's wait for the day that happened... in the meantime, I forgot to tell you that around these days, cause I don't know exactely when, we were stopped by the police. I think it was on the day of the big trip (maybe 5th day) but I'm not entirely sure. Anyway the icelandic roads has the limit of 90 km/h and since there were so many straight roads I may had driven around 120/130 (Portugal influences, you know?) so there was I, driving at 120km/h and then I see a police car turning around (we was coming in reverse ) and turn on the lights and began to follow me. Of course I panicked but it after I had stopped we just told me to continue and talked to the car in front of me (who also had stopped). So until today I've no ideia of what happened but I'm still waiting to know if I have to pay any fine... Hope not!