Iceland 2017, Day 1

First day in Icelandic lands ... We were awakened by the morning wind making itself heard as well as by the light coming through the windows. We packed our bags and headed to Reykjavik for lunch and a few shopping. We had lunch at Prikid (photo8), according to them the oldest bar in Iceland. We both ordered a garlic burger and a coke but what came to our table was a plate full of strips that looked like pumpkin and a sandwich made up of chicken, bacon, tomato, lettuce and guacamole (photo7). I swear I prayed three times so that what seemed to me to be chicken was not really puffin (yes, the Icelanders eat puffins). Everything was great, we just missed our beloved Portuguese espresso at the end of the meal. As far as souvenirs are concerned, we bought some postcards, photo books, key rings and mugs. Then we strolled through the famous monuments: Harpa concert hall, Sólfarid and statue of Lief Eriksson in front of the famous Hallgrimskirkja church. We finally went on for our second stay: the Aurora Lodge hotel, past the Pingvellir National Park (photos 1-6). The ride was rainy but we still stopped to take some photos. We found sheep and horses along the way, which would become a constant of the journey. At night we had some sandwiches we had bought at a local supermarket. On this first day I was feeling that for many photos that we see before, going to the places has never to do with the pictures, it is always different. With regard to expenses, we soon learned that the cost of living is much higher than in Portugal, things are much more expensive, for example, a meal for two is always around € 40 upwards. The currency itself makes some confusion as we go to the supermarket and bring two bags of food for 4000 Kr (Icelandic kroner). The first contact with the people was also very pleasant, they were all very friendly with us and spoke English fluently. The first day was a little adaptation and knowledge and came to an end faster than we could expect. We could hardly wait for the next day ...

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