Iceland 2017, Day 0

Let's talk about Iceland then. Everyone has goals in life, right? And a year ago my main objective became to go to Iceland. But why Iceland? Well, mostly because of photography but not only. I've always been fascinated by minimalist places redeemed by nature, without much human intervention, since I saw the movie "Into the Wild" (It's a great movie and I highly recommend it). I've always wanted to go to Alaska just like Cristopher McCandles did, though, and since I live in Portugal, the closest place here in Europe is perhaps Iceland. So I talked to a friend of mine and thought about going there with a group of photography. However the big problem of going in travel groups is the dates. Of all the ones we saw, none fit our schedules because we both work and I still study and usually people go to Iceland at winter to see the aurora borealis or before the summer begins. We then began to think about the possibility of going only the two of us. And so it was. We bought the tickets well in advance (March to be more precise), we started to build our map with all the places we wanted to visit and in mid-April we started to try to book the places we were staying. The car was later marked in June and finally on August 26, 2017 we left Lisbon for Reykjavik, stopping in Barcelona. We arrived at the Keflavic International Airport (KEF) at 9:50 p.m. local time and after treat the car, we went to our first Guest house called Rose. And that's it to day zero. If you want to keep yourself update about the trip please follow me on instagram and facebook. Links on the "About" page.