Self portrait

"...Mas eu, que não principio nem acabo, nasci do amor que há entre deus e o diabo." which means something like 'but me that don't has a beginning or an ending, was born by the love between God and Devil'- And that's how my work starts to be built. Lots of people, including myself, fear to expose themselves, talk about who they are and what thoughts are going in their heads. This work has as theme the self-portrait based on the poem Cantico Negro by José Régio. For those who are not familiar with the poem I really recommend to stop reading this post and go check it out. The aim of this work was to mock the fact that there isn't a unique way of defining ourselves as a person since we are not constant beings in time but dependent on a set of circumstances that change. It also aims to express concern about reality and the strangeness of the "Self". It is presented in the form of a narrative that takes us from a more fantastic universe to a more realistic universe through the Water-Earth route that has a symbolic character of Birth-Death. In the first image we are led to take an option that is the choice between good and evil and the way we want to live; From the second to the third is the Water-Land path that makes the connection between birth and the adult age and finally Death as the most important element of all. The wings symbolize the lent of hope in rebirth and renewal that connects to the first image and resumes the cycle. I did this work as a way of expressing myself as a constant changing - I'm really see myself today as a completely different person from yesterday. And I believe that we are what we build so why not to try to improve our creation day by day?