Pieces of earth

This photographic series composed by eight images is based on a reflection about the presence of nature, more specifically trees, in public space. The series part of an overview of the space for the particular views in the first two pictures. In the third, fourth and fifth images we have the object taking form and gaining space in the landscape; In the sixth and seventh we have their control by man and finally in the last we return to the purpose by which the trees were put in the space in the first instance, that is, to provide shade, to beautify the space and to leisure. The point was to develop a critical sense for the way trees are present in today's society. For the accomplishment of this work the spaces used were the Merenda Park of Ribeira da Aldeia in Pardilhó and the Park of S. Paio in Torreira. Available on the Projects menu. Click on the image to see more.